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New features come to Amazon SimpleDB

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Amazon SimpleDB released a new version last week. With this new version, developers will be now able sort the results and use a new does-not-start-with operator in their queries – the two most frequently asked feature requests.

I am very excited about the new sort feature because now all the processing will happen in-the-cloud and I will be able to execute scenarios like:

  1. Top ten scenario return top tem items based on some criteria (price, rating, etc)
  2. Most recent scenario – get X most recently updated items (sorted by LastUpdatedDate)
  3. Contact List scenario return items sorted alphabetically on Last Name

I would also like to highlight if you are storing your data on Amazon S3 and indexing your corresponding metadata on Amazon SimpleDB, this feature will be highly useful. Use this excellent library to index all your Amazon S3 object metadata in Amazon SimpleDB.

I also highly recommend reading the Query 101, Query 102 and the best practices articles from our resource center.

— Jinesh

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