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New: Free Tier and Increased Limits for Amazon Simple Queue Service

We want to make it easier and more economical for you to build fault-tolerant, highly-scalable applications using the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

Effective July 1st, 2010, your first 100,000 requests to SQS each month will incur no usage charges. We’ll also provide you with 1 GB per month of outbound data transfer at no charge.

We’ve made SQS more flexible by giving you more control of the maximum message size and the message retention time:

Maximum Message Size – Up until now, SQS messages were limited to 8 kB. This is now a user configurable limit, with a maximum value of 64 kB.

Message Retention Time – Up until now, the message retention time for all SQS queues was four days. This is now a user configurable value with valid values ranging from one hour to two weeks.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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