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New SDKs, Code Samples, & Docs for Login and Pay with Amazon

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I met with the Amazon Payments developer relations team a couple of weeks ago in order to get an update on Login and Pay with Amazon (see my post, PeachDish – Login, Pay, Cook, and Eat With AWS, to learn more).

The team has been working to make it even easier for you to add one-time checkout and recurring payments to your application. They have created new PHP, Python, and Ruby SDKs, coded up some helpful interactive and self-documenting samples, and refreshed the documentation.

Let’s review the Login and Pay user experience before we dive in! The Pay with Amazon Simple Checkout Sample shows you how to enable a buyer to make a purchase. It runs in a sandbox and uses a set of test credentials so that you can walk through the payment process yourself without actually making a purchase.

Your customer would simply click on the Pay with Amazon button to make the purchase:

Then they log in to their Amazon account:

This information is displayed in a widget; your code simply sets it up and arranges to handle a couple of events. The SDK will take care of everything else.

Your customer can then complete the payment process by choosing the shipping address and the payment method, and clicking on the Place Order button:

Your code will then confirm and authorize the order.

New Samples
The samples (Simple Checkout and Recurring Payments) are interactive and self-documenting. Each page displays the appropriate widget, and also includes the client and server code needed to set up the widget and to handle user actions. The server code is available in PHP, Python, and Ruby; you can choose the desired language with a click and the sample will change accordingly:

Visit the Pay with Amazon SDK Samples page to see the full list of samples.

New SDKs
The sample code makes use of the new Login and Pay with Amazon SDKs. The SDKs are available in source code form on GitHub as follows:

We are also working on SDKs for other popular languages.

New Documentation
The documentation has been updated, with an updated Reference Guide and new Integration Guides for Login and Pay with Amazon, Recurring Payments, and Express Integration. These updates are the first in a series; the team is working hard to create a great developer experience for their product!

Talk to the Team
The team would love to hear from you. You can contact them at .


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