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New Tag Management Tools in the EC2 Console

The AWS tagging feature helps you to label and identify your cloud resources. In today’s guest post, Senior Product Manager Derek Lyon reveals the details of a new Tags page in the EC2 console.

— Jeff;

We are adding a new Tags page in the EC2 Console that will help you browse your EC2 resources based on the Tags associated with them and to add or remove Tags from multiple resources at once. If you use tags to keep track of your EC2 resources, the Tags page should significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to perform a number of tag-related tasks.

On the new Tags page, you will see a dashboard-style view of your tags and the number of each EC2 resource type associated with each tag. For example, if you use a tag like Stack=Prod to keep track of your production instances, you will see how many instances are currently running in your production environment. By clicking on the link, you will be able to drill down and see the individual instances with a particular tag on them. The same goes for all of your other EC2 resources with tags on them, including AMIs, snapshots, volumes, and any other EC2 resources you have tagged.

One of the most useful features on the new Tags page is the Manage Tags tool, which makes it easy to add or remove tags from multiple resources at once. This tool can be accessed by clicking on the Manage Tags button on the upper-left corner of the Tags screen, here:

Using the Manage Tags tool, you can browse your EC2 resources, select which ones you want to modify using the check boxes, and then add or remove a tag of your choice using the dialog at the bottom. If you have a lot of resources to browse, you may want to explore the filtering tools at the top left of the screen, or use the gear icon on the top right to control which columns are exposed so you can sort and/or filter based on which tags are currently applied to the resource.

As always, this feature is available now and you can start using it today!

— Derek Lyon

Jeff Barr

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