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Remix the Real and the Virtual

Rael Dornfest talks about Amazon and A9 in his article Amazon and A9 re-remix the virtual and physical

Rael has some fascinating ideas, including this one:

Here’s a quick recipe for Amazon Errands: Hook A9 Yellow Pages into the Amazon Marketplace, bringing those thousands of individuals and companies selling virtually through Amazon with their myriad products into real-space, mix in an In-Store Pickup button for anyone with a local shingle, and expand ever so slightly the functionality of wishlists to allow for lists of lists, some of which are local. Stir and you’re thinking global, shopping local.

We are very interested in seeing applications which rip, mix, and burn (to borrow a phrase) data from multiple web services, including ECS, AWIS, and SQS.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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