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Saturday Morning S3 Roundup

A few minutes of surfing, a scan of the S3 forum, a couple of Technorati and PubSub alerts, and a S3 tag brought all of the following cool S3 activity to my attention:

  • Dave Winer wants to have a Bay Area S3 conference. That’s an interesting idea, and I’ll see what we can do to support it. Dave is already storing data in S3; check out the newer images on and you’ll see that they are served up by S3.
  • The Mission Data blog reports on their effort to move their data over to S3, using some modification to the Ruby samples to support streaming of data, as reported here.
  • Dominic Da Silva released version 1.0 of his #Sh3ll (“Sharp Shell”), and (cleverly enough) made the downloaded bits available in S3. More details in this forum post. He’s also released version 1.0 of jSh3ll, a Java version of this application.
  • Matt Croydon talks about using S3 to back up Flickr photos and says “After uploading 160 or so photos to Amazon, I owe them about a penny.”
  • Les Orchard thought it would be cool if Amazon offered RSS feeds of bucket contents.

And that’s all I’ve got on this fine Saturday morning!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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