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SOASTA OLAP Engine for Performance Testing

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Tom Lounibos from SOASTA sent me a heads-up on their new OLAP Engine.

The new product, CloudTest Analytics, builds on SOASTA’s existing CloudTest product. It consists of  data extraction layer that is able to extract real time performance metrics from a number of existing APM (Application Performance Management) tools from vendors such as IBM, CA, RightScale, Dynatrace, New Relic, Nimsoft. The data is pulled from the entire application stack, including resources that are in the cloud or behind the firewall or at the content distribution layer. All of the metrics are aggregated, stored in a single scalable data warehouse, and displayed on a single, correlated timeline. Performance engineers can use this information to understand, optimize, and improve application and system performance.

Of course, CloudTest runs on Amazon EC2 and is available on a cost-effective, on-demand basis.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud-powered load and scale testing, you may find this recent article to be of value. SOASTA used 800 EC2 instances (3200 cores) to generate a load equivalent one million concurrent active users. This test ultimately transferred data at a result of 16 gigabits per second (6 terabytes per hour).

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