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Now Available – SUSE SLES 12 AMIs for Amazon EC2

Our friends at SUSE recently announced the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. This release introduces a new module-based system that allows customers to stay current with the desired parts of the software stack while sticking with a stable set of core packages.

I am happy to announce that this new release is now available in Amazon Machine Image (AMI) form for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). The AMIs can receive packages from the following SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 modules:

  • Public Cloud – This module provides a collection of tools that enables you to create and manage cloud images from the command line on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Web and Scripting – This module includes a suite of scripting languages, frameworks and related tools, to help developers and systems administrators create of stable, modern web applications using dynamic languages, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python.
  • Advanced Systems Management – This module contains three components to support system administrators to automate routine tasks in the data center and cloud: CFEngine, Puppet, and the new Machinery.
  • Legacy – This module helps you to migrate applications from SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 11 and other systems to SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 by providing packages which have been discontinued in the latest release.

SUSE has also included a technical Preview of Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Linux Containers and Docker are great ways to build, deploy and manage applications and can be used with tools like Open Build Service and the KIWI image system for easy and powerful image building.

The new AMIs are available now in all AWS Regions and you can start using them today! You can launch them from the Quick Start tab in the AWS Management Console:

Here are the AMI IDs (these are all x86_64):

Region HVM PV
US East (N. Virginia) ami-48b63120 ami-aeb532c6
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ami-d54a79d4 ami-df4b78de
South America (São Paulo) ami-c102b6dc ami-c102b6dc
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ami-84b392d6 ami-dcb3928e
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ami-590e6263 ami-b90e6283
US West (Oregon) ami-c5440af5 ami-d7450be7
US West (N. California) ami-c5440af5 ami-cd5b4f88
Europe (Frankfurt) ami-cd5b4f88 ami-aa2610b7
Europe (Ireland) ami-1804aa6f ami-e801af9f

To learn more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, take a look at the Release Notes.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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