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AWS Storage Gateway Now Supports Microsoft Hyper-V

The AWS Storage Gateway can now  be run in the  Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization environment. You can use the Storage Gateway to marry your existing on-premises storage systems with the AWS cloud for backup, departmental file share storage, or disaster recovery. With today’s launch of support for Hyper-V, you can now use the Storage Gateway on-premises […]

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AWS CloudFormation Tagging of Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS

Last summer, I introduced cost allocation reports and tagging, a new system that allows you to organize and track your AWS resources and their associated cost. I also mentioned that well incrementally make this feature bigger and better over time. Today, Im glad to announce that AWS CloudFormation has added support for tagging Amazon S3 […]

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Root Domain Website Hosting for Amazon S3

As you may already know,  you can host your static website on Amazon S3, giving you the ability to sustain any conceivable level of traffic, at a very modest cost, without the need to set up, monitor, scale, or manage any web servers. With static hosting, you pay only for the storage and bandwidth that […]

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New Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia – EC2, DynamoDB, S3, and Much More

It is time to expand the AWS footprint once again, with a new Region in Sydney, Australia. AWS customers in Australia can now enjoy fast, low-latency access to the suite of AWS infrastructure services. New RegionThe new Sydney Region supports the following AWS services: A Tranquil Beach – Shoal Bay, Australia Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud […]

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AWS Storage Gateway – Now Generally Available and New Support for Gateway-Cached Volumes

The AWS Storage Gateway is a service that connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage. We launched the Storage Gateway earlier this year. The initial release supported on-premises iSCSI volume storage (what we call Gateway-Stored volumes), with snapshot backups to the cloud. Volume data stored locally is pushed to Amazon S3, where it is […]

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Amazon S3 – Support for Website Redirects

Our friends at Boostability have been using Amazon S3 to help their clients build websites hosted on Amazon S3. Boostability provides search engine optimization technology and fulfillment services to agencies, media companies and phone book providers. I recently chatted with Jared Turner, CTO for Boostability. He told me that they needed a solution that was […]

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