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Enable Single Sign-On to the AWS Management Console via Shibboleth

One of the most powerful features of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is its ability to issue temporary security credentials and grant controlled access to people in a network without having to define individual identities for each user (i.e., identity federation). This enables customers to extend their existing authentication systems and allow users to Single […]

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The AWS Web Identity Federation Playground

We added support for Amazon, Facebook, and Google identity federation to AWS IAM earlier this year. This poweful and important feature gives you the ability to grant temporary security credentials to users managed outside of AWS. In order to help you to learn more about how this feature works and to make it easier for […]

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IAM Policies for User-Specific S3 Buckets

AWS Identity and Access Management is very powerful and very flexible. My colleague Elliot Yamaguchi has written a blog post that shows you how to use IAM to create a policy which implements folder-level permissions within an Amazon S3 bucket. By using this policy, you can allow hundreds of users to safely share a single […]

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Variables in AWS Access Control Policies

Jeff Wierer, Senior Product Manager on the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) team sent along a guest post to introduce a powerful new IAM feature. — Jeff; AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables you to create policies that control access to AWS service APIs and resources. Today were extending the AWS access policy […]

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Identity and Access Management for the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace now supports role-based permissions and management via AWS Identity and Access Management.  Let’s review the key terms before diving in to the details: AWS Marketplace makes it easy to find, buy, and 1-click deploy software to the cloud, featuring hundreds of popular commercial and open-source software products for developers, IT admins, and business […]

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