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The AWS Report – Sharon Chiarella, Amazon Mechanical Turk

I recently interviewed Sharon Chiarella for The AWS Report. Sharon is an Amazon Vice President with responsibility for the Amazon Mechanical Turk. After we talked about the Mechanical Turk concept in general terms (“a marketplace for work,”) we zoomed in and talked about the kinds of work that is being done and who’s doing it: […]

New Mechanical Turk Categorization App

Categorization is one of the more popular use cases for the Amazon Mechanical Turk. A categorization HIT (Human Intelligence Task) asks the Worker to select from a list of options. Our customers use HITs of this type to assign product categories, match URLs to business listings, and to discriminate between line art and photographs. Using […]

Get Better Results with Amazon Mechanical Turk Masters

There are now more than 500,000 Mechanical Turk Workers in 190 countries on the Mechanical Turk marketplace. These Workers are ready and eager to work on a wide variety of tasks (Human Intelligence Tasks or HITS) including data cleansing, image filtering, image tagging, and categorization. Today, we’re excited to introduce Mechanical Turk Masters. This new feature […]

New Mechanical Turk Blog

The Mechanical Turk now has a blog of its very own. The new Mechanical Turk blog will be used to share information with Mechanical Turk Requesters, Workers, and fans of the Mechanical Turk marketplace. It will include product announcements, how-to guides, best practices, case studies, and examples of how businesses are using Mechanical Turk for […]

Amazon Mechanical Turk in Action; Net:Work Conference Discount

Programs have always been good at dealing with highly structured, very uniform data. They sometime stumble when asked to deal with data that is irregular, unstructured, or otherwise messy in some way. Normalizing data that came from a casual, real-world source where people are allowed to enter free-form text can be tedious and expensive. A […]

Bay Area Amazon Mechanical Turk Meetup

On May 18th, 2010, we’ll be conducting a Mechanical Turk Meetup in Palo Alto, California. The event will run from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Garden Court Hotel and is sponsored by AT&T Interactive. You’ll here from Donghui Feng, Research Scientist for AT&T Interactive. He’ll talk about the use of the Mechanical Turk […]