AWS partners accelerate customer innovation with SAP Beyond Infrastructure offerings

With more than 5,000 active customers running SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS has become the de facto cloud platform for SAP workloads. For years, customers have chosen AWS for their mission-critical SAP applications due to our high-performance, cost-effective global infrastructure, wide variety of Amazon EC2 instance types certified for SAP, and extensive experience supporting nearly every SAP product across industries and geographic regions. Many of these customers have been shifting their focus to how they can leverage the full breadth and depth of AWS as their platform of innovation to modernize business processes and gain new competitive advantages. Customers such as Invista, Swire Coca-Cola, Royal FrieslandCampina, and Bizzy are leading the way in using AWS to re-imagine their SAP solutions. To help more customers realize success in their innovation goals, we created a new category of offerings called SAP Beyond Infrastructure.

What is SAP Beyond Infrastructure?

SAP Beyond Infrastructure solutions complement customers’ existing SAP environments by providing new capabilities for industry, line of business, and technical use cases. Created by partners with deep SAP expertise, these offerings are focused on implementing technology specialties like IoT, DevOps, Apps, APIs, and AI/ML. Everything is designed with one goal in mind – to drive innovation for our SAP on AWS customers.

SAP on AWS Innovative Strategy

Customer Benefits

We continue to see customers extend the value of their SAP investments using native AWS services. Many of these solutions are specific to lines of business or industries. For instance:

  •  Industrial IoT: Partners have created solutions to support predictive maintenance, energy optimization, and edge data collection across industries like Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Aerospace, Agriculture, Mining, and Chemicals.
  • Data Strategies: Partner solutions across data management and analytics help customers across all industries to get more value from their data. These offerings leverage Amazon S3 for cost effective storage, machine learning to produce faster insights, and Amazon Redshift and data lakes to better aggregate information from disparate systems.
  • Customer Experience: Partners are working with companies in industry verticals like Retail, Consumer Goods, Utilities, Banking, and Insurance to produce better customer, product, and brand experiences using Amazon Personalize, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Connect, chat bots, and Alexa integrations with their SAP environments.

Using SAP Beyond Infrastructure offerings, customers have taken their SAP on AWS solutions to new heights. Levi Strauss worked with our partner Dataiku to use ML to enhance their e-commerce experience. They now have a recommendation system that aligns to their customer journey, showing best-selling products regionally to prospects or upsell items to returning customers. Origin Energy in Australia, worked with BryteFlow and are using Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift to gain faster access to data and insights enabling them to deliver faster time-to-market for new and highly personalized customer offerings. PostNL, a service provider in the Benelux region, turned to Datavard, our partner, to do cloud-based archiving with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Overall, the project only took 5 months, saved PostNL maintenance costs and improved their performance by 50%.

We have many validated SAP Beyond Infrastructure partner offerings and the list continues to grow. For instance: Accenture’s SAP Data Lake Accelerator helps SAP customers to rapidly automate data lake implementation and data movement with best practices in a greatly accelerated timeline.  Deloitte’s SAP Kinetic Finance Startup enables a self-configuring, AI-enabled SAP S/4HANA Central Finance environment. Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics solution provides real-time visibility into shipping containers. The solution helps SAP customers leverage IoT to provide greater visibility into shipment progress and uses alerts to minimize losses. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is a low code, model driven, drag and drop, rapid application development platform that enables real time integration with complex ERP and other systems without the use of expensive and clumsy middleware. The Syntax industrial IOT platform combines AWS technology with SAP solution templates that are 80%-ready and can then be customized to enable smarter shop floor analytics and asset / quality management. We also see many long-standing SAP partners that are moving their existing offerings to AWS. For instance; Magnitude’s Innowera ProcessRunner is now available as a monthly subscription on the AWS Marketplace. Datavard’s Glue product helps customers to integrate SAP data into AWS data lakes powered by Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift, and our partner Panaya is moving their SAP change intelligence offerings to AWS.

AWS has the experience and partner community to support SAP innovation across industries, lines of businesses, and use cases. We encourage you to explore the solutions above, and connect with your AWS account manager to find out what partner offerings are available to support innovation in your organization.