Deploy SAP NetWeaver on the AWS Cloud with Quick Start

Somckit Khemmanivanh is an SAP Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Do you currently use the AWS SAP HANA Quick Start to automatically provision and install certified SAP HANA systems—ranging from 244 GiB to 4 TiB RAM scale-up, or up to 50 TiB RAM scale-out—on the AWS Cloud? Maybe you use the SAP HANA Quick Start as part of your migration strategy with the FAST migration program? If you’re involved in these or similar scenarios, you need to provision and install one or more SAP application servers for your SAP HANA system. A short time ago, you had to create your own AWS CloudFormation templates or develop custom scripts to automatically provision your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, and then you could install your SAP system. The SAP NetWeaver Quick Start removes this heavy lifting and manual work. It performs all these tasks for you so you can focus on other business-critical activities.

SAP NetWeaver is a foundational component that provides a set of technologies for developing and running SAP applications. SAP products and applications such as SAP Business Suite, S/4HANA, SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), and SAP BW/4HANA rely on SAP NetWeaver. Quick Starts are automated reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS, following AWS best practices. This Quick Start deploys SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) for Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), which supports the development of ABAP-based applications for SAP HANA databases. It’s integrated with the SAP HANA Quick Start, which you can still deploy separately.

This Quick Start deploys SAP application servers into your AWS Cloud environment, and connects and integrates these servers with your SAP HANA system. The result is a fully provisioned and automatically installed SAP system running on SAP HANA.

Here’s an architectural overview of what the SAP NetWeaver Quick Start deploys for you.

SAP NetWeaver architecture on AWS

The Quick Start deploys an SAP application tier, an SAP HANA database tier, and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and bastion hosts within a virtual private cloud (VPC) in your AWS account. The deployment includes a Primary Application Server (PAS) instance that provides SAP system utilities, and optional Additional Application Server (AAS) instances to scale out the SAP application tier.

If you want to set up your system differently, you can download the AWS CloudFormation templates and scripts from the GitHub repository and customize them to meet your specific requirements.

To get started with SAP NetWeaver on AWS, use these resources:

We plan to enhance this Quick Start, so your feedback is important to us! Feel free to contact us with your suggestions, and stay tuned for more innovations in 2018.

– Somckit