Join the SAP on AWS team at AWS re:Invent 2022

Another re:Invent is upon us! We’re super excited to connect with customers and partners in Las Vegas to hear about their continued journeys to modernize and transform their businesses with SAP on AWS.

If you’re unfamiliar with AWS re:Invent, it’s a learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community, with content available in person in Las Vegas or virtually. You can register for re:Invent here.

We’ve got a ton planned for our SAP customers at re:Invent this year, whether you’re joining virtually or in-person. We have dedicated SAP sessions that span intermediate (200) through expert (400) levels. There will also be ways to network with the SAP on AWS team and customer community.

In this blog, I will consolidate all of the SAP-focused sessions in one place so SAP customers can easily see the sessions most relevant to them and plan their trip. I will also show you how to connect with us outside of sessions in Las Vegas.

Learn about SAP on AWS in dedicated sessions

Breakout sessions

re:Invent breakout sessions are lecture-style and 1 hour long. These sessions are delivered by AWS experts, customers, and partners, and typically include 10–15 minutes of Q&A at the end. For our virtual attendees, breakout sessions will be made available on-demand in the week after re:Invent.

ENT203 — How Love’s Travel Stops improved customer experience with SAP on AWS
To support their continued mission of providing drivers with 24-hour access to clean and safe places to rest and refuel, Love’s Travel Stops consolidated SAP systems running across multiple data centers on AWS. In this session, hear how they used AWS to strengthen security, reduce costs by 30 percent, and achieve 99.99 percent reliability with automated failover. Learn how to extend SAP to AWS and SAP Business Technology Platform services to transform your customer experience.

ENT209 — How to transform your business processes with RISE with SAP on AWS
To stay ahead, organizations are increasingly realizing the need to constantly reinvent the way they operate and deliver value. For some organizations, that means modernizing critical business processes that currently run in on-premises ERP systems. For other organizations, that means implementing ERP for the first time. In this session, learn how RISE with SAP on AWS can support your transformation to a modern, sustainable, intelligent enterprise.

ENT210 — How SAP migration supported Nvidia’s Data Center exit
At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NVIDIA began an aggressive program to better support key business processes by making their SAP applications more agile and scalable. Over 8 months, they moved their entire SAP landscape to AWS and closed the associated data center. During this critical window, they also integrated IT systems from recent acquisition Mellanox and leveraged AWS automation to update and standardize operating system and database versions across the SAP landscape. In this session, learn key success factors for consolidating, migrating, and securing ERP systems on AWS.

ENT326– How Adobe modernized their billing APIs with SAP on AWS
Adobe is a pioneer and a leader in SaaS. Over the past decade, they’ve transformed from selling through perpetual licenses to providing cloud-based SaaS offerings, pushing the API response times of their on-premises SAP Subscription Billing solution. In 2022, Adobe developed a billing service on AWS to power its growing microservices ecosystem and pave the way for its broader SAP S/4HANA transformation. In this session, Adobe walks through how deploying its Universal Billing Service (UBS) with an S/4HANA sidecar pattern on AWS unlocks on-premises SAP data to the cloud and enables the development of a highly performant and highly available billing service.

ENT327– Automate compliance for mission-critical SAP workloads like Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly and Company is modernizing their global supply chain, manufacturing, and finance operations by moving on-premises SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA on AWS. Operating in the highly regulated life sciences industry, Lilly sought to use native services and automation to build quality and compliance into the foundation of their solution. In this session, learn how to use AWS services to automate configuration and deployment for SAP workloads across your CI/CD pipeline, IaC code branching strategy, and day-to-day operations in compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

PEX309– Learn how to modernize your customers’ ERP journeys on RISE with SAP and AWS
RISE with SAP directly impacted a partner’s application management and support (AMS) business; however, it opened the door to building new line-of-business (LOB) innovation using tools like S/4HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), and Business Process Integration (BPI). In this session, learn how to design, build, and publish your own RISE with SAP LOB services using these tools. Also learn how to design, build and orchestrate RISE with SAP and native SAP solutions. This session is intended for AWS Partners.

Chalk talks

Chalk talks are highly interactive sessions with a small audience. Experts lead you through problems and solutions on a digital whiteboard as the discussion unfolds. Each begins with a short lecture (10–15 minutes) delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a Q&A session of 45–50 minutes with the audience.

ENT204 — Drive new business insights with SAP on AWS
By combining SAP data and non-SAP data in AWS data lakes, customers are using AWS analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services to drive new insights that support their business transformation. In this session, we will describe data extraction patterns for SAP on AWS, as well as common use cases that will help you get more value from SAP and other key enterprise data sources

ENT304 — Is your SAP system Well-Architected?
Because SAP systems are mission-critical and often resource-intensive, architectural decisions can have large impacts. To help customers optimally run SAP on AWS, we’ve packaged up our learnings and best practices over 13+ years supporting SAP in the cloud in the SAP lens for the AWS Well-Architected Review. In this session, we will walk through customer-proven design principles and best practices for SAP workloads across all six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Review: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, cost-optimization, and security.


Workshops are 2-hour interactive learning sessions where you work in small group teams to solve problems using AWS services. Each workshop starts with a short lecture (10–15 minutes) by the main speaker, and the rest of the time is spent working as a group. Come prepared with your laptop and a willingness to learn!

ENT225– Build an SAP data lake & automate business processes with Amazon AppFlow

In this workshop, learn how to solve common business problems using native AWS services in conjunction with SAP applications. First, create an SAP data lake by setting up bidirectional data flows between your SAP applications and AWS services. Then, use Amazon Textract to process inbound invoice documents and upload them to Amazon S3. Then, invoke AWS Lambda to call the Amazon Textract API and check the sales order fields against order numbers inside the SAP sales order. Finally, observe how the sales order will automatically update to match the quantity from the invoice. Y.

ENT307 — Deploy an SAP S/4HANA system on AWS in under 2 hours
As customers look to transition on-premises SAP systems to AWS, many also seek guidance on how to move to S/4HANA. In this session, you will learn how easy it is to deploy an SAP S/4HANA system on AWS in just a few hours. First, you’ll use AWS Launch Wizard to automate provisioning of AWS services and install the software in accordance with SAP and AWS best practices. Then, you’ll configure observability and explore insights that help you maintain strong performance and reliability. Finally, we will walk through proven migration blueprints to move your organization’s existing SAP workloads to AWS.

Sponsored sessions from partners

PRT072—Top four mistakes to avoid for ERP cloud migrations (sponsored by Navisite)
It’s important to carefully manage migrating strategic ERP workloads from the likes of Oracle and SAP to the cloud to avoid costly delays or a poorly architected solution that won’t meet your needs. Join Navisite to learn about the top four mistakes to avoid when planning your journey to the cloud, so you can quickly and cost-effectively move off legacy infrastructure and fully reap the efficiency, performance, scale, and innovation benefits of AWS for your most important business operations and processes. This presentation is brought to you by Navisite, an AWS Partner.

PRT105– Accelerate value for your business with SAP and AWS joint reference architecture (sponsored by SAP)
As you embark on your business transformation journey, it is important to have a solid foundation that helps ensure your technology decisions can meet the demands of your business capabilities today and into the future. SAP and AWS have developed a joint reference architecture that simplifies, standardizes, and provides a reusable blueprint for achieving your business goals. The joint reference architecture not only reduces your risk but also helps accelerate time to market for your solution. In this lightning talk, learn how SAP and AWS can help you unlock and accelerate value. This presentation is brought to you by SAP, an AWS Partner.

PRT248– Data integration at scale: Strategies to unlock SAP and mainframe (sponsored by Qlik)
Many of the largest AWS customers depend on Qlik Data Integration to ingest data at scale and create low-latency flows. In this session, learn how one organization accelerated time to value from SAP data by 2x and another is experiencing a 30 percent reduction in cost of compute through real-time replication to a variety of AWS services. Qlik accelerates cloud analytics with an end-to-end data integration and analytics solution for AWS—taking you from raw data to informed action. This presentation is brought to you by Qlik, an AWS Partner.

Connect with the SAP on AWS team and Customer Community

See us at the Enterprise Workloads Kiosk

Dive deep into enterprise migration and modernization strategies with AWS subject matter experts, see the latest demos, ask questions, or just drop by to chat with your peers the AWS Enterprise Workloads Kiosk in the AWS Village at the Expo. We’re in booths 25 and 26.

Join the SAP on AWS Customer Community

If you are an existing SAP on AWS customer, ask your SAP specialist how to join the SAP on AWS Customer Community.

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