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AWS Marketplace launches Professional Services for third-party software and AWS services

AWS Marketplace now enables sellers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Consulting Partners (CPs) to list, quote, and contract Professional Services associated with third-party software and AWS services. The addition of Professional Services to the AWS Marketplace catalog connects sellers to millions of AWS customers and generates new leads for their business. The ability to transact both software and associated services in a single cloud marketplace simplifies procurement for buyers and streamlines sales operations for sellers. Sellers can use the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to create Professional Service listings in the AWS Marketplace.

Until now, sellers created catalog listings for software in AWS Marketplace. They then either transacted directly with customers or authorized consulting partners to resell the software. If a customer wanted to purchase Professional Services associated with software, they had to contract with the Professional Services provider outside of AWS Marketplace. With Professional Services now available in AWS Marketplace, sellers can create catalog listings for professional services associated with third-party software and AWS services. This enables customers to purchase software and services they need in one place and more quickly meet their desired goals. And for the first time, consulting partners can create listings for services in AWS Marketplace.

Professional Services offerings span a range of categories, including assessments, implementation, premium support, managed services, and training. Sellers can also offer a selection of complete cloud solutions that combine software with Professional Services. For example, sellers can offer an open-source software product with premium support, a machine learning algorithm with services for data preparation, or a security software product with managed services.

Sellers interested in listing their software in AWS Marketplace can review Getting Started as a Seller documentation. In this post, we show you how to create a product listing for Professional Services.

How to create professional service listings in AWS Marketplace

A. Create the product listing

  1. Open a web browser and sign into the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.
  2. To go to the Product Listings page, from the Products menu in the top navigation bar, select Professional Services. The Product Listings page shows you all professional service products you have already created, as well as the history of requests for creating or modifying these products. On the Current professional service products tab at the top of Product Listings page, select Create professional service product.
  3. On the Create product page, enter the information for your product. You can select up to three categories for your listing. Make sure you select at least one of the professional service categories: assessment, implementation, premium support, managed services, and training. You should provide the software associated with the service to be displayed on the detail page. The following screenshot shows the Create professional service product page with the Product title of Pied Piper premium support, and SKU of P12345678, and a short description of Premium support for Pied Piper’s revolutionary data compression algorithm. The Long description includes a description of silver, gold, and platinum plans, and the Product logo field contains the URL for my product logo. Highlights 1, 2, and 3 read support from certified subject matter experts, customize support plans for your needs, and over 100 clients, respectively. I selected Premium Support, Storage, and Security as the categories and entered the product ID and search keywords.

In the Additional resources section, you can provide resource links. I added links to services landing page, case studies, and AWS Partner Competencies, as shown in the following screenshot.

For Support information, add your support contact details. I included details for Contact Us form, support email address, and support phone number, as shown in the following screenshot.

Define the pricing dimensions that will be used to price the Professional Service in Private Offers. For example, you can define dimensions based on work, such as with a Statement of Work, usage, such as Support for 100 hours, or different tiers of service. I entered Premium Support – Silver, Premium Support – Gold, and Premium Support – Platinum as dimensions for three different tiers of service. Refer to the following screenshot.

Review your information and choose Submit.

B. Update product visibility or product information (optional)

Once you submit the form, a product detail page is created in AWS Marketplace within a couple of minutes and will be only visible to you. You can use this listing page to extend Private Offers to buyers. When buyers receive a Private Offer from you, they can then see your product detail page along with the offer details.

  1. To make your Professional Services listing searchable and visible to public without restrictions, go to the Product Listings Select your product. To submit a request to AWS Marketplace Operations team, under the Request changes dropdown, select Update product visibility.
  2. To update listing, go to the Product Listings Select your product and then under Request changes dropdown, select Update product information. The listing will go through a moderation process to make sure it meets the public listing requirements. Upon success, the listing will be visible publicly in AWS Marketplace.

Next steps

Registered AWS Marketplace sellers can create Professional Services in AWS Marketplace Management Portal. To learn more, check out the Professional Services in AWS Marketplace page.