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Deloitte uses AWS Service Catalog to help enable rapid deployment of life sciences analytics platform

Blog ConvergeHealth Service CatalogIn this post, you’ll learn the details about how ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte uses AWS Service Catalog to create tools and solutions that bring better medical services to end patients.

Deloitte is helping to empower life sciences and pharmaceutical companies to broaden the range of data used to discover treatments, ensure safety, and improve patient health. Its ConvergeHEALTH Miner solution is a suite of tools and services that help accelerate data gathering, analysis, and management across the research lifecycle. Miner is built on the AWS cloud, helping Deloitte achieve elasticity and scalability. Recently, the company saw an opportunity to get Miner to clients faster using AWS Service Catalog.

This infrastructure-as-code approach has greatly accelerated deployment. “Building each environment from the ground up typically took two skilled engineers two to three weeks,” says Jinlei Liu, vice president of product development at Deloitte. “Using AWS Service Catalog means we can deploy a full-featured Miner environment in about 45 minutes.”

The new deployment methodology gives Deloitte the control it needs. “With AWS Service Catalog, we have total control over the organizations who can access our software and which packages we offer them, enabling us to meet compliance requirements,” says Liu.

Deloitte consultants can make use of Miner as needed, reducing the company’s reliance on third-party software. Finally, customers can use the platform at whatever scale they require to make discoveries, helping them speed time to insight and get therapies to patients sooner.

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