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Using HiPaaS to convert your data to FHIR AWS HealthLake

Using HiPaaS to convert your data to FHIR to use with AWS HealthLake

In this blog post, Sandeep, Malini, Bakha, and Aparna will show how to convert your healthcare data to FHIR format and load it into AWS HealthLake using HiPaaS FHIR data converter solution. This solution enables you to access and manage the data from various sources without the need for manual data entry or reconciliation.

Resolve healthcare interoperability with solutions in AWS Marketplace

Resolve healthcare interoperability with solutions in AWS Marketplace

In this post, I provide an overview of a webinar in which Emtiro Health’s Kelly Garrison and I examine interoperability in technology solutions as a key to the evolution of healthcare. We also take a look at interoperability solutions available in AWS Marketplace that can help improve healthcare delivery.

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How interoperability improves the healthcare experience

Healthcare information technology is used today more widely than ever. It supports roles across the healthcare landscape, including health administration, patient experience, practitioners, and third-party service providers. It simplifies tasks as varied as medical record keeping, care collaboration, and patient education. But specific technologies vary, and that is a challenge for the industry. Each solution […]

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Solving interoperability in healthcare with AWS Marketplace

The need for interoperability in the healthcare industry is no surprise. Healthcare data should be easy to transfer between all organizations and individuals to enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes across the patient care cycle. The big question that remains is if healthcare organizations today are prepared to advance interoperability and if the […]