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AWS at Strata+Hadoop 2016: Building a Scalable Architecture on AWS to Process Streaming Data

Gone are the days when big data was confined to batch processing.  To remain competitive, companies must be able to analyze real-time data streams in areas such as video streaming, real-time recommendation engines, preventive maintenance, and fraud detection applications. Last month, Siva Raghupathy and Manjeet Chayel presented “Building a scalable architecture for processing streaming data on AWS” at Hadoop+Strata 2016 in San Jose.

They walked users through several proven architectures for processing streaming data using a combination of fully managed AWS services and open source tools. They concluded with a demo showing two patterns for processing real-time data on AWS. Click the link below to access their presentation:

If you missed it, take a few minutes to review the slides and the sample code.

Slides: Building a scalable architecture for processing streaming data on AWS

Demo: Access the code in the Github repo

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