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Big Data Website Gets a Big Makeover at AWS

Jorge A. Lopez is responsible for Big Data Solutions Marketing at AWS

The big data ecosystem is evolving at a tremendous pace, giving rise to a plethora of tools, use cases, and applications. The new AWS Big Data website is now the ideal starting point to learn about new and existing capabilities, and the services you can leverage to build and deploy your big data applications.

We have completely redesigned the pages and updated them with some of the most common use cases, tutorials, and resources to get you started, along with customer stories and videos so that you can learn from what other organizations are doing.

If you haven’t visited the AWS Big Data website recently, check it out. I hope you find it helpful as a reference to all things big data on AWS. Share it with colleagues and customers to help spread the word and don’t forget to send us your feedback to help make it even better.



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