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Monitor Your Application for Processing DynamoDB Streams

Asmita Barve-Karandikar is an SDE with DynamoDB DynamoDB Streams can handle requests at scale, but you risk losing stream records if your processing application lags: DynamoDB Stream records are unavailable after 24 hours. Therefore, when you maintain multiregion read replicas of your DynamoDB table, you might be afraid of losing data. In this post, I […]

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Process Large DynamoDB Streams Using Multiple Amazon Kinesis Client Library (KCL) Workers

Asmita Barve-Karandikar is an SDE with DynamoDB Introduction Imagine you own a popular mobile health app, with millions of users worldwide, that continuously records new information. It sends over one million updates per second to its master data store and needs the updates to be relayed to various replicas across different regions in real time. […]

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Processing Amazon DynamoDB Streams Using the Amazon Kinesis Client Library

Asmita Barve-Karandikar is an SDE with DynamoDB Customers often want to process streams on an Amazon DynamoDB table with a significant number of partitions or with a high throughput. AWS Lambda and the DynamoDB Streams Kinesis Adapter are two ways to consume DynamoDB streams in a scalable way. While Lambda lets you run your application […]

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