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Visualize Confluent data in Amazon QuickSight using Amazon Athena

This is a guest post written by Ahmed Saef Zamzam and Geetha Anne from Confluent. Businesses are using real-time data streams to gain insights into their company’s performance and make informed, data-driven decisions faster. As real-time data has become essential for businesses, a growing number of companies are adapting their data strategy to focus on […]

Configure ADFS Identity Federation with Amazon QuickSight

As of August 2023, Amazon QuickSight is now an AWS IAM Identity Center enabled application. This capability allows administrators who subscribe to QuickSight to use IAM Identity Center to enable their users to log in with Azure AD and other external identity providers. For more information, see Simplify business intelligence identity management with Amazon QuickSight and […]

How Ruparupa gained updated insights with an Amazon S3 data lake, AWS Glue, Apache Hudi, and Amazon QuickSight

This post is co-written with Olivia Michele and Dariswan Janweri P. at Ruparupa. In this post, we show how Ruparupa implemented an incrementally updated data lake to get insights into their business using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Glue, Apache Hudi, and Amazon QuickSight. We also discuss the benefits Ruparupa gained after the […]

A dive into redBus’s data platform and how they used Amazon QuickSight to accelerate business insights

This post is co-authored with Girish Kumar Chidananda from redBus. redBus is one of the earliest adopters of AWS in India, and most of its services and applications are hosted on the AWS Cloud. AWS provided redBus the flexibility to scale their infrastructure rapidly while keeping costs extremely low. AWS has a comprehensive suite of services […]

How BookMyShow saved 80% in costs by migrating to an AWS modern data architecture

This is a guest post co-authored by Mahesh Vandi Chalil, Chief Technology Officer of BookMyShow. BookMyShow (BMS), a leading entertainment company in India, provides an online ticketing platform for movies, plays, concerts, and sporting events. Selling up to 200 million tickets on an annual run rate basis (pre-COVID) to customers in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, […]

Secure your database credentials with AWS Secrets Manager and encrypt data with AWS KMS in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a fully managed, cloud-native business intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy to connect to your data, create interactive dashboards, and share them with tens of thousands of users, either directly within a QuickSight application, or embedded in web apps and portals. Let’s consider AnyCompany, which owns healthcare facilities across the country. […]

Create advanced insights using level-aware calculations in Amazon QuickSight

Calculation at the right granularity always needs to be handled carefully when performing data analytics. Especially when data is generated through joining across multiple tables, the denormalization of datasets can add a lot of complications to make accurate calculations challenging. Amazon QuickSight recently launched a new functionality called level-aware calculations (LAC), which enables you to […]

Measure the adoption of your Amazon QuickSight dashboards and view your BI portfolio in a single pane of glass

June 2024: This post was reviewed and updated with code changes to the AWS CloudFormation template October 2023: This post was reviewed and updated to include an optional solution using AWS Glue. Amazon QuickSight is a fully managed, cloud-native business intelligence (BI) service. If you plan to deploy enterprise-grade QuickSight dashboards, measuring user adoption and […]

Talk to your data: Query your data lake with Amazon QuickSight Q

Amazon QuickSight Q uses machine learning (ML) and natural language technology to empower you to ask business questions about your data and get answers instantly. You can simply enter your questions (for example, “What is the year-over-year sales trend?”) and get the answer in seconds in the form of a QuickSight visual. Some business questions […]

New additions to line charts in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a fully-managed, cloud-native business intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy to create and deliver insights to everyone in your organization or even with your customers and partners. You can make your data come to life with rich interactive charts and create beautiful dashboards to be shared with thousands of users, either […]