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Prospect uses Amazon QuickSight self-service business intelligence tools to empower clients

Prospect is a data analytics company helping the sports industry use artificial intelligence (AI) to power decisions—from the field to the boardroom. Our customers include teams, leagues, governing bodies, broadcasters, ticketing agencies, and sponsors. In this post, we share how we partnered with Amazon QuickSight to shift our business model from a mainly consultative approach to offering our powerful data analysis and business intelligence (BI) tools directly to customers.

How CloudSmart is delivering sales, product, and marketing insights through embedded analytics with Amazon QuickSight

In this post, we discuss how CloudSmart partnered with Amazon QuickSight to enhance the speed, experience, and data depth of its offering for one of its major customers, RISCPoint, a cybersecurity and compliance specialist.

Anthology uses embedded analytics offered by Amazon QuickSight to democratize decision making for higher education

This is a guest post from Anthology. Created in the merger of four leading education technology companies—Blackboard, Campus Management, Campus Labs, and iModules—Anthology offers the world’s largest global EdTech ecosystem. Delivering and supporting Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and Customer Relationship Management products, they operate in over 80 countries, serving more than 150 million […]

Argus Media scales up data-driven decision-making with Amazon QuickSight enterprise business intelligence software

In this post, Argus Media shares how they used Amazon QuickSight enterprise business intelligence (BI) software to build deep data and analysis capabilities across their organization, from sales to finance to marketing, all the way up to technology operations. Argus Media is the leading independent provider of market intelligence to the global energy and commodity markets. The company offers essential price assessments, news, analytics, consulting services, data science tools and industry conferences to illuminate complex and opaque commodity markets. With a staff of 1,300, Argus is headquartered in London and has 29 offices across the world.

Modernize your data architecture using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon QuickSight

A leading captive leasing business, offering financing programs for a range of offerings, was challenged to garner insights due to a disjointed legacy data system, which hindered its business growth. To modernize its leasing solutions and adapt to the evolving needs of its customers, the company needed an agile, scalable technology stack for its data system. Using AWS services, they embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their data infrastructure. This strategic transformation not only enhanced the company’s data processing capabilities but also set the foundation for advances in performance, productivity, and business velocity. This post discusses how this business transformed their growth trajectory and scaled business intelligence (BI) using Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL on a modern data architecture on AWS.

Taking Australia’s high-performance swimming to the next level with embedded analytics

Swimming Australia is the highest governing body for swimming in the nation, with nearly 1,000 clubs and 90,000 registered members nationally. Its primary vision is to create a nation of swimmers admired by the world. Two years ago, Swimming Australia established a Performance Insights team to explore data reporting and insights to help improve coach and athlete performance across the country. In this post, we discuss how Swimming Australia uses Amazon QuickSight to provide performance analytics for athletes and coaches.

Traeger Grills’s Customer Experience team drives customer satisfaction significantly using Amazon QuickSight

Traeger Grills invented the Original Wood-Fired Grill over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon. We make it easy for home cooks to create delicious wood-fire flavored meals, and have enhanced our grill products by selling a variety of merchandise, from wood pellets and accessories to meals, seasonings, and T-shirts. Traeger Grills’s Customer Experience team is responsible for order management, customer service, and technical support for customers and commercial partners like The Home Depot, ACE Hardware, and Amazon. In this post, we discuss how Traeger Grills’s Customer Experience team uses Amazon QuickSight for data insights, helping drive customer satisfaction score from approximately 72% to 93%, and improved our first call resolution number from about 40% to 75%.

Harmonize oil and gas datasets and create business intelligence software with Amazon QuickSight

With origins in India and a legacy of more than 50 years, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global consultancy specializing in a range of technical operations. We operate in more than 50 countries with a highly localized workforce of more than 600,000 employees, across cloud and cybersecurity to analytics and network capabilities. In this post, TCS shares how we built a modern business intelligence (BI) software for an oil and gas client with Amazon QuickSight.

Common Securitization Solutions uses QuickSight to create a business intelligence data engine

This is a guest post authored by Rishi Ranjan from Common Securitization Solutions. A joint venture of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Common Securitization Solutions (CSS) administers a portfolio of $6.4 trillion worth of mortgage-backed securities. They use huge quantities of data to facilitate investment decisions. In this post, CSS shares how Amazon QuickSight helped […]

NBME launches INSIGHTS℠ for their medical examination data using Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post co-authored by Asem Akhtar from AWS and Vimal Sharma, Patricia Yi, Kevin McAllister and Jennifer Kearney from NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners). NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) advances healthcare quality for the public by offering high-quality assessments and learning tools for doctors and other health professionals, such as […]