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How used embedded analytics dashboards to create a new, user-friendly product is a platform that helps users pull useful business insights out of public government procurement data in the Dominican Republic. lets users view government contract information fast enough to capitalize on opportunities with the help of an embedded analytics dashboard for analyzing historical contract data. Built from the ground up with Amazon QuickSight and an AWS architecture, makes it straightforward for users to learn about and track relevant new opportunities in their industry, do strategic market research, find potential partnerships among suppliers, create proactive marketing plans, and automate their requests for proposal (RFP) reply documents. In this post, we discuss how delivers embedded analytics using QuickSight to help customers maximize bid competitiveness.

CubeServ elevates HR analytics and workforce planning for customers using Amazon QuickSight

CubeServ is a premium consulting company that specializes in making data relevant and usable for customers. Founded in Switzerland in 2001, CubeServ provides advanced analytics solutions that specializes in making data insights accessible and assisting customers with the ideation and creation of BI projects. In this post, we discuss how we migrated from an in-house BI solution to delivering embedded analytics within PeoplePLAN using Amazon QuickSight.

Tenerity uses Amazon QuickSight to build an enterprise business intelligence dashboard that saves the organization time and money

Tenerity, an engagement company, helps over 2,000 client partners serve millions of customers and improve lifetime customer value with its reward platforms and programs. The company uses proprietary data analysis and technology to offer loyalty discounts and a consumer identity protection service to enhance brand loyalty and revenue. In this post, we discuss how Tenerity used Cloud Custodian and Amazon QuickSight to build our business intelligence (BI) dashboard to boost the organization’s efficiency and bottom line.

How Ping Identity uses embedded analytics dashboards to bring key metrics to customers

Ping Identity is a provider of identity and access management solutions that lead to frictionless and secure digital experiences. Ping’s services and embedded analytics dashboards make it easy for organizations to manage and control how their users access digital resources and apps. In this post, we discuss how Ping Identity uses Amazon QuickSight to embed analytics into the PingOne Cloud Platform to enhance customer experience and gain a better understanding of customer behavior with data-driven insights.

EasySend brings analytics to customers — and unlocks the secret of monetizing data

EasySend is a no-code platform that makes it easy for businesses to transition from long, plain-text forms to rich, interactive digital experiences. We work with over 100 enterprises, including world-leading carriers, agencies, brokerages, MGAs/MGUs, TPAs, and insurance software integrators. Using EasySend, the data collection process becomes more intuitive and enjoyable for end users — and, crucially, the data itself is easier for the business to manage, verify, and track by automatically syncing to customers’ core systems. In this post, we discuss how EasySend embeds analytics into their platform to enhance customer value through data and insights at their fingertips using Amazon QuickSight.

How Amazon QuickSight empowered Treez to build an industry-leading analytics product at a lower cost

Treez is a leading provider of enterprise point of sale (POS) software for the regulated cannabis retail industry, serving thousands of customers. It’s a young industry with a large proportion of small businesses operating within it, and they work in a complex environment of regulatory scrutiny and change. In this post, we discuss how we built an embedded business intelligence (BI) dashboard system in our POS offering for our customers and their own internal staff using Amazon QuickSight.

Empowering Amazon’s solution architects with intuitive and performant business intelligence

The Solution Architect Empowerment Team (SET) is a division within the AWS Worldwide Specialist Organization (WWSO) that serves 1,600 specialist solution architects. SET develops specialized data intelligence tools in collaboration with various internal partners across different departments. These tools help the broader team enhance the customer experience by giving the solution architect leaders and stakeholders faster, more valuable insights to work with. In this blog post, we describe how the SET moved its insights-delivery environment to Amazon QuickSight to reap better cost savings and scalability.

Vega Cloud brings FinOps solutions to their customers faster by embedding Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post authored by Kris Bliesner and Mike Brown from Vega Cloud. Vega Cloud is a premier member of the FinOps Foundation, a program by Linux Foundation supporting FinOps practitioners on cloud financial management best practices. Vega Cloud provides a place where finance, engineers, and innovators come together to accelerate the business […]

Amazon Mexico FP&A dives deep into financial data with Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post by Gonzalo Lezma from Amazon Mexico FP&A. The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) team in Mexico provides strategic support to Amazon’s CFO and executive team on planning, analysis, and reporting related to Amazon Mexico. We produce and manage key finance deliverables, such as internal profit and loss (P&L) reports for […]