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re:Invent 2021: AWS Containers track

In 2021, re:Invent offers an in-person and virtual conference experience for our attendees. The in-person part of the event will be held in Las Vegas from November 29, 2021 – December 3, 2021. Attendees for the virtual event can register for free and will have access to a subset of the sessions over the virtual […]

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Example app manifest for copilot\joker\manifest.yml

Streamline Windows Container Deployment on Amazon ECS with AWS Copilot and AWS Fargate

Since AWS Copilot CLI launched in 2020, developers have been using the tool to build, manage, and operate Linux containers successfully on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and AWS Fargate. By leaving the infrastructure-knitting and resource-wrangling to AWS Copilot, builders can spend more time focused on their business logic. With yesterday’s launch of Amazon […]

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Welcome IIS webpage

Running Windows Containers with Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate

At AWS, customers are running their most mission-critical workloads on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) with Windows as their compute layer. Still, the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing the underlying host OS, patching, scaling, and hardening when running Windows containers are time-consuming tasks. Therefore, customers can choose to use the optimized AMIs, which are preconfigured […]

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Fast NLP model development with containers on AWS Fargate

This post is contributed by Efi Gazarov, Cloud Infrastructure Team Leader at Amenity Analytics NLP: the key to unlocking the full potential of data sources NLP, or natural language processing, is used to understand, interpret, and process language the way a human would by using computational methods. It sits under the umbrella of AI, along […]

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Use CloudFormation to automate management of the Fargate profile in Amazon EKS

Organizations are embracing microservices architectures and container-based deployments to gain agility, scalability, isolation, and separation of concerns. AWS Fargate, the serverless compute engine for running containers in the AWS Cloud, improves agility by taking away the undifferentiated heavy lifting of worker node provisioning and management. With Fargate, organizations can focus on building applications and application […]

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Fast forward on your first serverless container deployment on AWS

Introduction Modernization and container technologies are a hot topic in recent technology news, reports, and conference talks. Containers are becoming a dominant modern compute layer for on-premise, local, and hybrid workloads. This blog post introduces container concepts with easy-to-understand examples and equips the reader with a lightweight toolset to deploy your first containers on AWS. […]

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Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate now enables customers to configure ephemeral storage up to 200GiB

  Today, we are announcing support in AWS Fargate to configure ephemeral storage up to 200 GiB in size. Tens of thousands of customers use Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) with AWS Fargate to benefit from the serverless compute model for a wide variety of container-based applications at scale. As container adoption has grown, […]

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Developing Twelve-Factor Apps using Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate

Sushanth Mangalore and Chance Lee, AWS Solutions Architects, SMB Introduction The twelve-factor methodology helps you build modern, scalable, and maintainable software-as-a-service apps. The methodology is technology agnostic and has become a widely-adopted approach to developing cloud-native applications. There are a few different ways to develop twelve-factor applications on AWS. Solutions based on containers technology are a […]

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Save the date: AWS Containers events in May

The AWS Containers team has been busy since we’ve seen you last at re:Invent 2020! We’re excited to bring you two free online events in May to share the latest and greatest on Containers at AWS. AWS Container Day x KubeCon, happening on May 4th, 10 AM – 6 PM CEST, is a fully virtual, […]

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Building container images on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate

Building container images is the process of packaging an application’s code, libraries, and dependencies into reusable file systems. Developers create a Dockerfile alongside their code that contains all the commands to assemble a container image. This Dockerfile is then used to produce a container image using a container image builder tool, such as the one […]

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