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Applying Generative AI to CVE remediation – early vulnerability patching in Continuous Integration Pipelines

Cloud technologies are a rapidly evolving landscape. Securing cloud applications is everyone’s responsibility, meaning application development teams are needed to follow strict security guidelines from the earliest development stages, and to make sure of continuous security scans throughout the whole application lifecycle. The rise of generative AI enables new innovative approaches for addressing longstanding challenges with […]

Train Llama2 with AWS Trainium on Amazon EKS

Introduction Generative AI is not only transforming the way businesses function but also accelerating the pace of innovation within the broader AI field. This transformative force is redefining how businesses use technology, equipping them with capabilities to create human-like text, images, code, and audio, which were once considered beyond reach. Generative AI offers a range […]

Build Generative AI apps on Amazon ECS for SageMaker JumpStart

Introduction The rise in popularity of Generative AI (GenAI) reflects a broader shift toward intelligent automation in the business landscape, which enables enterprises to innovate at an unprecedented scale, while adhering to dynamic market demands. While the promise of GenAI is exciting, the initial steps toward its adoption can be overwhelming. This post aims to […]

Building multi-tenant JupyterHub Platforms on Amazon EKS

Introduction In recent years, there’s been a remarkable surge in the adoption of Kubernetes for data analytics and machine learning (ML) workloads in the tech industry. This increase is underpinned by a growing recognition that Kubernetes offers a reliable and scalable infrastructure to handle these demanding computational workloads. Furthermore, a recent wave of Generative AI […]

Build a multi-tenant chatbot with RAG using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon EKS

Introduction With the availability of Generative AI models, many customers are exploring ways to build chatbot applications that can cater to a wide range of their end-customers, with each instance of chatbot specializing on a specific tenant’s contextual information, and run such multi-tenant applications at scale with a cost-efficient infrastructure familiar to their development teams. […]

Deploy Generative AI Models on Amazon EKS

Introduction Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) is transforming the way businesses function and is accelerating the pace of innovation. In general, the AI field is changing the way businesses utilize technology. Generative AI technology involves tuning and deploying Large Language Models (LLM), and gives developers access to those models to execute prompts and conversations. Platform […]