Save the date: AWS Containers events in May

The AWS Containers team has been busy since we’ve seen you last at re:Invent 2020! We’re excited to bring you two free online events in May to share the latest and greatest on Containers at AWS.

AWS Container Day x KubeCon, happening on May 4th, 10 AM – 6 PM CEST, is a fully virtual, live streamed day of sessions on Kubernetes on AWS.

For a live and virtual day all about Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, AWS Container Day x DockerCon is happening on May 26th, 10 AM – 6 PM EST.

Both days are streamed live on Twitch and emcee’d by Containers from the Couch hosts Brent Langston and Adam Keller.

These events will be filled with leadership sessions, product demos and announcements, live Q&A, and keynotes from Bob Wise, GM of Kubernetes, and Nicholas Harteau, GM of Amazon ECS.

For even more free and virtual events in May on modern application development, be sure to check out MAD Live.

Container Day x KubeCon – May 4, 2021 | 10:00 AM (CEST)
At this Day Zero KubeCon event, the AWS Kubernetes team will be revealing new launches, demoing products and features, covering best practices, and answering your questions live on Twitch!
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Container Day x DockerCon – May 26, 2021 | 10:00 AM (EST)
Container Day x DockerCon is the first live and virtual event on running Amazon ECS. Join for a packed day of announcements, feature demos, leadership sessions, and ECS best practices.
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Sneak peek: Container Day x KubeCon sessions

Amazon EKS Roadmap and Vision
This session covers the recent enhancements and planned features for Amazon EKS. You’ll learn about the our vision for managing Kubernetes on and off of AWS, and how improvements to ease of use, security, scale, and reliability make EKS the right investment for running Kubernetes applications. We’ll also discuss the philosophies that drive our product team and how you can contribute to our roadmap.

Modernize content management systems with Amazon EKS and Amazon EFS
Content management systems (CMS) form the foundation for some of the most heavily-trafficked websites. Today, developers rely on WordPress, a free and open-source CMS, to run more than 10 million websites. WordPress installations have thus far evaded containerization because when operated at scale, they require durable shared storage. In this session, we will show you how Amazon EKS and Amazon EFS help you operate WordPress sites using Kubernetes and run them without managing servers using AWS Fargate.

Running Amazon EKS on serverless compute with AWS Fargate
Customers using Kubernetes spend a lot of time and resources managing the infrastructure and maintaining a strong security posture required to run their pods. Leveraging the integration between Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate allows customers to focus on building application instead of provisioning, scaling, securing, and managing servers and clusters. In this session, we will walk attendees through the core concepts of running EKS pods on Fargate. In addition, we will show and cover how Fargate helps takes care of the undifferentiated heavy-lifting for your applications compared to the traditional Kubernetes worker nodes.

We hope to see you in May!