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AWS App Runner now integrates with AWS Secrets Manager and AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

AWS App Runner makes it easy to run web applications and APIs at production scale. It enables you to build, deploy, run, and observe web applications without the burden associated with infrastructure management. Many such applications externalize the storage of URLs, API keys, usernames, database secrets, and configuration parameters. Starting today, App Runner allows you to […]

Leverage AWS secrets stores from EKS Fargate with External Secrets Operator

Leverage AWS secrets stores from EKS Fargate with External Secrets Operator

Secrets management is a challenging but critical aspect of running secure and dynamic containerized applications at scale. To support this need to securely distribute secrets to running applications, Kubernetes provides native functionality to manage secrets in the form of Kubernetes Secrets. However, many customers choose to centralize the management of secrets outside of their Kubernetes […]

Authenticating with Docker Hub for AWS Container Services

Docker Hub has recently updated its terms of service to introduce rate limits for container image pulls. While these limits don’t apply to accounts under a Pro or Team plan, anonymous users are limited to 100 pulls per 6 hours per IP address, and authenticated free accounts are limited to 200 pulls per 6 hours. […]

Latest updates to AWS Fargate for Amazon ECS

Recently, we announced features to improve the configuration and metric gathering experience of your tasks deployed via AWS Fargate for Amazon ECS. Based off of customer feedback, we added the following features: Environment file support Deeper integration with AWS Secrets Manager using secret versions and JSON keys More granular network metrics, as well as additional […]