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Optimize AZ traffic costs using Amazon EKS, Karpenter, and Istio

In the evolving cloud-native landscape, enterprises utilizing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) often encounter challenges that hinder their pursuit of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Notable among these challenges are the costs associated with Cross Availability Zone (AZ) traffic, with difficulties associated with achieving seamless scalability, hurdles in provisioning right-sized instances for nodes, and intricacies […]

Kubernetes cluster upgrade: the blue-green deployment strategy

Kubernetes cluster upgrade: the blue-green deployment strategy

This article was co-written by Michael Marie Julie and Quentin Bernard from TheFork, one of the leading online restaurant booking and discovery platforms in Europe and Australia. In loving memory of our dear colleague Olivier Lebhard. Introduction Context Kubernetes has become a new standard in our industry, with great built-in features and an incredible abstraction […]

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Addressing latency and data transfer costs on EKS using Istio

Data transfer charges are often overlooked when operating Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters; understanding these charges would help reduce cost while operating your workload on Amazon EKS at production scale. Common scenarios for data transfer charges on EKS Understanding general data transfer charges on AWS will help you better understand the EKS networking […]

Secure end-to-end traffic on Amazon EKS using TLS certificate in ACM, ALB, and Istio

I was helping a customer to migrate a Kubernetes workload from an on-premises data center into Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). The customer had an existing investment in Istio and wanted to continue using it as their preferred service mesh in the Amazon EKS environment. However, the customer was struggling to implement end-to-end encryption […]

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Ship and visualize your Istio virtual service traces with AWS X-Ray

AWS X-Ray is a managed distributed tracing system that helps customers gain end-to-end visibility of requests and provides rich visualization of connected services. This post will show how customers can integrate AWS X-Ray as a backend for Zipkin traces generated from services in a Istio service mesh.