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Friend microservices using Amazon DynamoDB and event filtering

The gaming industry has evolved significantly over the past few years. A feature that has become essential to that evolution is to be friends with other players and play together in the same game. From the players’ point of view, the process to become friends is straightforward. A player sends a friend request to another, […]

Up your game: Increase player retention with ML-powered matchmaking using Amazon Aurora ML and Amazon SageMaker

Organizations are looking for ways to better leverage their data to improve their business operations. With Amazon Aurora, Aurora Machine Learning, and Amazon SageMaker, you can train machine learning (ML) services quickly and directly integrate the ML model with your existing Aurora data to better serve your customers. In this post, we demonstrate how a […]

Amazon DynamoDB: Gaming use cases and design patterns

Gaming companies use Amazon DynamoDB in all parts of game platforms, including game state, player data, session history, and leaderboards. The main benefits that these companies get from DynamoDB are its ability to scale reliably to millions of concurrent users and requests while ensuring consistently low latency—measured in single-digit milliseconds. In addition, as a fully […]