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Building globally distributed MySQL applications using write forwarding in Amazon Aurora Global Database

AWS released Amazon Aurora Global Database in 2018. Aurora Global Database enables two primary use cases. The first use case is supporting a disaster recovery solution that can handle a full regional failure with a low recovery point objective (RPO) and a low recovery time objective (RTO), while minimizing performance impact to the database cluster […]

Aurora PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery solutions using Amazon Aurora Global Database

Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Aurora provides this by scaling storage across three Availability Zones in the same Region, and supports up to 15 read replica instances for scaling out read workloads and high availability within a […]

Improve Business Continuity with Amazon Aurora Global Database

As your business grows increasingly global, your database needs similarly expand. Resources must be just as available to your team in Zurich as they are to your office in Beijing, with the same speed, security, and ease of access. Amazon Aurora Global Database expands your Amazon Aurora database across the planet. Aurora builds its storage volumes […]