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Get Started with Amazon Elasticsearch Service: Use Dedicated Master Instances to Improve Cluster Stability

Welcome to this introductory series on Elasticsearch and Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES). In this and future articles, we provide the basic information that you need to get started with Elasticsearch on AWS. What dedicated master instances are and why you need them Dedicated master instances perform a single function in an Elasticsearch cluster: orchestration. […]

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A serverless solution to schedule your Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand Backup

We recently released On-Demand Backup for Amazon DynamoDB. Using On-Demand Backup, you can create full backups of your DynamoDB tables, helping you meet your corporate and governmental regulatory requirements for data archiving. Now you can back up any table from a few megabytes to hundreds of terabytes of data in size, with the same performance […]

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Amazon Aurora under the hood: indexing geospatial data using Z-order curves

When designing high-performance database systems like Amazon Aurora, you typically want to work on things that deliver the most impact for the broadest set of workloads. But sometimes, it pays to focus on specialized use cases where you have the opportunity to change the game. In this post, let’s take a look at how Aurora […]

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