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Make EOA private keys compatible with AWS KMS

Those who choose to take ownership of digital assets, such as cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are faced with a crucial decision when creating a wallet: do they opt to manage their own wallet or delegate that responsibility to a trusted third party? Non-custodial wallet solutions, whereby a user manages their own wallet, are popular […]

Securely connect to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL with AWS Session Manager and IAM authentication

Company policies usually do not allow database instances to have a public endpoint unless there is a specific business requirement. Although that protects those resources from public access over the internet, it also limits how users can connect to them from their computers. Frequently, database administrators and development teams try to overcome that restriction by […]

Join SQL Server on AWS to Microsoft Entra Domain Services

Windows Authentication offers a secure and efficient mechanism for authentication management in Microsoft SQL Server. Many customers use Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) as their identity provider for Windows authentication. With the launch of support to join Amazon RDS for SQL Server to self-managed Active Directory, you can now join your Amazon Relational Database […]

Mask PII data using AWS DMS and Amazon Macie during migration

In this post, we present a solution to identify PII data using Amazon Macie, mask it using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), and migrate it from an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Oracle production source database to an RDS for Oracle development target database, before releasing the environment to users. This way, you can save time and make sure that sensitive data is protected.

Import Ethereum private keys to AWS KMS

In the world of digital assets, private keys have always been of utmost importance. Unlike traditional assets, digital assets are controlled by private keys (a string of letters and numbers), just like passwords, which unlock the right to manage and use assets. Private keys can be used to irreversibly transfer funds from the wallet, thus, […]

Secure Amazon Aurora clusters in HIPAA-compliant workloads

NextGen Healthcare, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, cloud-based healthcare technology solutions is on a mission to improve the lives of those who practice medicine and their patients. Our NextGen Population Health solution provides actionable insights directly to care teams via the aggregation and transformation of multi-source data. Built as a cloud native product, NextGen […]

Security is time series: How VMware Carbon Black improves and scales security observability with Amazon Timestream

August 30, 2023: Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics has been renamed to Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink. Read the announcement in the AWS News Blog and learn more. Amazon Timestream is a fast, serverless, and secure time series database and analytics service that can scale to process trillions of time series events per day. Organizations […]

Securely generate Ethereum validator keys at low cost using a serverless architecture on AWS

The new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism on Ethereum blockchain network allows network participants to earn rewards without spending a lot of computational power for playing a part in securing the network. Unlike miners, validators don’t need to spend many CPU cycles to produce new blocks. They stake 32 ETH (the native cryptocurrency on Ethereum) to be […]

Simplify managing access to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis clusters with IAM

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a fully managed, Redis-compatible, in-memory caching service that provides microsecond speed to support real-time applications. ElastiCache for Redis combines the speed, simplicity, and versatility of open-source Redis with the reliability, scalability, manageability, and security from AWS to power the most demanding real-time applications in media and entertainment, financial services, ecommerce, AdTech, […]

Securely assess database schema migrations using AWS SCT, Amazon RDS for Oracle, and AWS Secrets Manager

Database migration is a multi-step process comprised of assess, mobilize, and modernize phases with different tools and technologies involved. You can use tools such as AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) to accelerate each of these phases. An important part of AWS SCT is the report that it […]