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Sending notifications from Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Enterprise customers execute many day-to-day batch jobs on Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL databases, and need notification methods such as email or text after completing such jobs to keep track of their activity. Because Aurora PostgreSQL is a managed service, it restricts access to database extensions such as pgsmtp and pgplpythonu for security reasons. This raises the […]

Build a notification mechanism to manage Amazon RDS manual snapshots

It’s no secret that data is an essential part of running a business, no matter how large or small a business may be. Many companies host their business data using relational databases. As a result, backup and recovery are important aspects of keeping the business running. Amazon RDS customers use a mixture of strategies to […]

Events and Notifications in AWS Database Migration Service

We’ve recently added a new feature in AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)—the ability to receive DMS events notifications, such as email messages, text messages, or calls to HTTP endpoints, through Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). You now can subscribe and receive notifications for two types of events—events related to DMS instances and events […]