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Integrate Amazon RDS for SQL Server DB Instances with an Existing Active Directory Domain

Vlad Vlasceanu is a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services. Last year, we launched support for Windows Authentication in Amazon RDS for SQL Server. This feature has been quite popular with customers. It lets you deploy Microsoft SQL Server-based workloads with Amazon RDS using the same centralized user management patterns that you use in your […]

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Implement Linked Servers with Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server

Linked servers allow Microsoft SQL Server to run SQL Server statements on other instances of database servers. In this blog post, we focus on connectivity to other instances of SQL Server in Amazon RDS, hosted in Amazon EC2, or available from your data centers via a VPN or direct connect. We examine two connectivity scenarios: […]

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Migrating Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Workloads to Amazon RDS: Part 1

Prudhvi Janga is a software development engineer in Amazon Web Services SQL Server Native Backups and Restores Using RDS and Amazon S3 If you’re thinking about moving your on-premises Microsoft SQL Server databases to Amazon RDS, one option to migrate your databases is to use native SQL Server backups. Backups can be uploaded to AWS […]

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