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Manage Amazon WorkSpaces lifecycle automatically with users in Active Directory

Customers use Amazon WorkSpaces to launch highly performant, scalable, and cost effective managed virtual desktops in the cloud. Amazon WorkSpaces reduces the operational overhead of having to manage traditional VDI infrastructure and complex licensing agreements. You can further reduce this operational overhead using automation. There are Amazon WorkSpaces API operations that you can use to […]

Building a multi-region disaster recovery environment for Amazon WorkSpaces

Since we launched Amazon WorkSpaces in March 2014, customers have been migrating their traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or deploying new VDI workloads to the service, enabling them to build scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud-based desktops. This service enables them to pay either monthly or hourly, just for the WorkSpaces they launch, which helps saving money […]

Creating an image programmatically with AppStream 2.0 Image Assistant CLI operations

September 2022: This blog has been updated to use a PSRemoting configuration file. Amazon AppStream 2.0 now lets you programmatically create an image using the Image Assistant command line interface (CLI) operations which are made available via an executable on the image builder. The CLI enables you to specify which applications your users can launch, […]