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AWS at ZendCon 2013

Recently, the AWS SDK for PHP team attended ZendCon, the largest conference in the U.S. that focuses on PHP development. AWS was a sponsor for ZendCon this year, so the entire PHP SDK team was able to attend. It was great to be able to talk to our customers and get feedback from those who have used AWS and our SDK. We want you to know that we are thankful for your feedback and that we’ve shared it all with various teams at AWS.

What You Heard About AWS at the Conference

It was apparent to everyone at ZendCon this year that “The Cloud” was a very hot topic. There were also many speakers that spoke about or mentioned AWS in their sessions and keynotes. I will call attention to a few of these in case you want to look back and read the slides or watch the videos.

Integrating Zend and AWS

Zend is the company that hosts ZendCon, and has helped manage the development of the PHP language since PHP 3. They also create commercial PHP products and services like Zend Studio and Zend Server. Though there are several ways in which Zend products and services integrate with AWS, I want to specifically call out two of them:

  1. Zend Server on AWS Marketplace – If you are a Zend Server user and an AWS customer, you can easily launch Zend Server on Amazon EC2 through AWS Marketplace.
  2. AWS SDK Module for Zend Framework – If you write PHP applications with Zend Framework 2, you can use the AWS SDK ZF2 Module to easily integrate the AWS SDK for PHP into your application. To learn about how to install and use the module, see the AWS SDK ZF2 Module README.

Until Next Year…

We enjoyed being at ZendCon and connecting with you. We also hope that you were able to learn more about AWS while you were there, or if you couldn’t make it, through the presentation slides afterward. If you need any help using the AWS SDK for PHP or have any feedback for us, be sure to connect with us via the PHP SDK forum or our GitHub repo.