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AWS SDK for .NET Version 2 Status

Version 3 of the AWS SDK for .NET has been generally available since 7/28/2015. Although the legacy version (v2) of the SDK will continue to work, we strongly recommend that all customers migrate to the latest version 3 to take advantage of various improvements including modularized architecture, portable class library support, and .NET Core support. There are only a few backward-incompatible changes between version 2 and version 3 (see the migration guide for details). Additionally, the last few legacy releases of the version 2 SDK (versions 2.3.50 and later) have all the classes and methods that are changed in version 3 marked obsolete, so compile-time warnings can help you make forward-compatible updates before upgrading to the version 3 SDK.

To help customers plan their migration, our current maintenance timeline for the version 2 SDK is provided below.

Security issues and critical bugs

Critical bugs with no reasonable workaround as well as any security-related issues will be addressed with the highest priority. We will continue to support fixing such issues indefinitely.

Non-critical bugs

We will continue to address non-critical bugs in the version 2 SDK until the end of 2016. These bugs will be fixed in relative priority order. Factors considered in prioritization will include

  • Number of affected customers
  • Severity of the problem (broken feature vs. typo fix in documentation)
  • Whether the issue is already fixed in version 3
  • Risk of the fix causing unintended side effects

Service API updates

We will continue to add API updates to existing service clients based on customer request (GitHub Issue) until 8/1/2016.

New service clients

New service clients will not be added to the version 2 SDK. They will only be added to version 3.

As always, please find us in the Issues section of the SDK repository on GitHub, if you would like to report bugs, request service API updates, or ask general questions.