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AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio adds support for Arm64 Visual Studio

We are thrilled to announce that the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio is now generally available on the Arm64 version of Visual Studio (aka “Arm64 Visual Studio”). This release enables a Visual Studio user on a native Windows Arm64 device or on a device emulating Windows Arm64 on a M class Apple device to leverage the same AWS tooling that has been available to x64 versions of Visual Studio.

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that helps you develop, debug, and deploy .NET applications that utilize Amazon Web Services. It comes bundled with project templates to get you started with writing .NET AWS Lambda functions, a deployment wizard to upload your code into AWS Lambda, and if you have a .NET based web server or backend task, the Toolkit’s Publish to AWS experience helps you deploy your system into your AWS account.

The GitHub feature request to enable Toolkits to work on Arm64 Visual Studio received more than 30 upvotes and we are excited to launch ARM 64 support starting with version of the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. You can either download it from the Visual Studio Marketplace or install it using the Extension Manager built into the Visual Studio IDE.


The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio now supports Arm64 Visual Studio. Try it out today! Check out the User Guide for more details about the Toolkit. If you have feedback on the Toolkit, we would love to hear from you over on our GitHub repo at

About the authors:

Christopher Christou

Christopher Christou

Christopher is a software development engineer working on AWS Toolkits at AWS. You can find him on GitHub at @awschristou.

Saurabh Ajmera

Saurabh Ajmera

Saurabh Ajmera is a Software Development Manager at AWS where he leads the engineering teams that build the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains. He is passionate about making developers more productive and helping teams deliver delightful user experiences. You can find him on GitHub at @saurabhajmera