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Blog Series: Ruby on Rails on Amazon Web Services

Welcome to a series on how to integrate Ruby on Rails apps with Amazon Web Services. In this series, we’re going to start from scratch with a simple app, and show you how to make it scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant.

The Sample App

For this blog series, we have built a sample app in Ruby on Rails. You can find it on GitHub as awslabs/todo-sample-app.

The app itself is designed to be simple to follow. It is a very basic todo list, where you can add tasks, mark them complete, or delete them, all on a single page. In this way, we can focus on the code changes needed to integrate the app with Amazon Web Services, without worrying about confusion over what the app itself does.

There’s no hand-waving here: all the code you need to do this is in this repo, and all the setup you need to do in AWS is in the posts.

What the Series Will Cover

We’re going to start by covering how to deploy the TodoApp to the cloud using AWS OpsWorks. Then, we will talk about speeding up your app by caching your static assets with Amazon CloudFront. We will go on to discuss other scaling and performance improvements you can make to solve real-world problems in the cloud.

Have a topic you’d love for us to cover? Let us know in the comments!

Up Next

The first post, showing you how to deploy the Todo Sample App to AWS OpsWorks will be out soon. Stay tuned!