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Creating Access Policies in Code

AWS uses access policies to restrict access to resources. These policies are JSON documents that have statements, actions, resources, and conditions. You could use a JSON parser to create these documents in code, but a better way would be to use the AWS SDK for .NET Policy object found in the Amazon.Auth.AccessControlPolicy namespace. This gives […]

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Logging with the AWS SDK for .NET

As we announced previously, the AWS SDK for .NET now supports easily-configurable logging to both log4net and .NET’s built-in System.Diagnostics logging. In this post, we cover how to enable and configure this new functionality, and how you can easily collect performance metrics for the SDK. Both log4net and System.Diagnostics logging approaches have their own advantages […]

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Welcome to the AWS SDKs and Tools .NET blog

Welcome to the AWS SDKs and Tools .NET blog. We’re glad to see you here! This blog features information for AWS .NET developers, including: Demonstrations of new features in the AWS SDK for .NET Announcements and demonstrations of new features in the AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio and AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Best […]

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