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Configuring boto to validate HTTPS certificates

We strongly recommend upgrading from boto to boto3, the latest major version of the AWS SDK for Python. The previous major version, boto, does not default to validating HTTPS certificates for Amazon S3 when you are:

  1. Using a Python version less than 2.7.9 or
  2. Using Python 2.7.9 or greater and are connecting to S3 through a proxy

If you are unable to upgrade to boto3, you should configure boto to always validate HTTPS certificates. Be sure to test these changes. You can force HTTPS certification validation by either:

  1. Setting https_validate_certificates to True in your boto config file. For more information on how to use the boto config file, please refer to its documentation, or
  2. Setting validate_certs to True when instantiating an S3Connection:
    >>> from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection
    >>> conn = S3Connection(validate_certs=True)

To get the best experience, we always recommend remaining up-to-date with the latest version of the AWS SDKs and runtimes.