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Release v1.12.0

We just released v1.12.0 of the AWS SDK for Ruby  (aws-sdk gem).  This release includes the new aws-rb REPL that Loren bloged about. It also adds support for watermarks and max frame rates in Amazon Elastic Transcoder, resolves a number of issues, and it adds a few new configuration options.

We are slowly deprecating all of the service prefixed configuration options.  This release makes it easier as you can now group configuration options by the service.

# deprecated
AWS.config(:s3_region => 'us-west-2')

# new format
AWS.config(:s3 => {
  :region => 'us-west-2'

We are going to make it possible to set any configuration options per service as well. This will allow you to do things like specify a greater value for max retries for a single service.

You can read the release notes here.