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Client Updates in the Preview Version of the AWS SDK for Go V2

The AWS SDK for Go V2 developer preview was introduced in December 2017 based on customer feedback provided by you, and we focused on improving its ease of use, performance, consistency, and discoverability. We’re happy to share the updated clients for the v0.25.0 preview version of the AWS SDK for Go V2. The updated clients […]

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AWS SDK for Go 2.0 – Generated Marshalers

The AWS SDK for Go 2.0 has released generated marshalers for the restjson and restxml protocols. Generated marshalers will help with the performance and customer issues the SDK had been receiving. To better understand what was causing the performance hit, we used Go’s benchmark tooling to help us determine the main bottleneck—reflection. The reflection package […]

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AWS SDK for Go 2.0 Developer Preview

We’re pleased to announce the Developer Preview release of the AWS SDK for Go 2.0. Many aspects of the SDK have been refactored based on your feedback, with a strong focus on performance, consistency, discoverability, and ease of use. The Developer Preview is here for you to provide feedback, and influence the direction of the […]

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