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Announcing end-of-support for AWS SDK for Go (v1) effective July 31, 2025

In alignment with our SDKs and Tools Maintenance Policy, AWS SDK for Go (v1) will enter maintenance mode on July 31, 2024 and reach end-of-support on July 31, 2025.

Existing applications that use AWS SDK for Go (v1) will continue to function as intended, unless there is a fundamental change to how an AWS service works. This is uncommon and would be broadly communicated if it happens. Between July 31, 2024 and end-of-support on July 31, 2025, the AWS SDK for Go (v1) will only receive critical bug fixes and security updates. The SDK will not be updated to support new AWS services, new service features, or changes to existing services.

The following table outlines the level of support for each phase of the SDK lifecycle.

SDK Lifecycle Phase Start Date End Date Support Level
General Availability November 19, 2015 July 30, 2024 During this phase, the SDK is fully supported. AWS will provide regular SDK releases that include support for new services, API updates for existing services, as well as bug and security fixes.
Maintenance mode July 31, 2024 July 30, 2025 AWS will limit SDK releases to address critical bug fixes and security issues only. The SDK will not receive API updates for new or existing services, or be updated to support new regions.
End-of-support July 31, 2025 N/A The SDK will no longer receive updates or releases. Previously published releases will continue to be available via public package managers and the code will remain on GitHub.

We recommend that you migrate to AWS SDK for Go v2. AWS SDK for Go v2 provides improved features, enhanced performance, and continued support from AWS. By adopting the latest version of the SDK, developers can ensure the security, compatibility, and stability of their solutions on AWS. Updating also allows you to leverage the latest services and innovations from AWS. Moving to AWS SDK for Go v2 involves a one-time update of your application code. To learn more, refer to the following resources:


If you need assistance or have feedback, reach out to your usual AWS support contacts. You can also open a discussion or issue on GitHub. Thank you for using AWS SDK for Go.

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Burcu Kilic

Burcu Kilic

Burcu is a Software Development Manager working on the AWS SDK for Go, AWS SDK for JavaScript, and AWS SDK for PHP. She is passionate about building tools to improve the developer experience. You can find her on GitHub @bkaws.