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Announcing general availability of the AWS SDK for Kotlin

We are excited to announce that the AWS SDK for Kotlin is now generally available and supported for production use. We designed the SDK from the ground up to give you an idiomatic Kotlin experience, including Domain Specific Language (DSL) builders, and support for asynchronous AWS service calls using coroutines. Today’s release enables developers to […]

Announcing overridable client configuration in the AWS SDK for Kotlin

We’re excited to announce that the AWS SDK for Kotlin now supports overridable client configuration. You can use this feature to execute AWS service calls with specialized config that differs from the config provided when the client was initialized. This unlocks new capabilities and increases the flexibility of your code. In this post, I will […]

Announcing Amazon S3 checksums support in the AWS SDK for Kotlin

We are excited to announce support for Amazon S3 checksums in the AWS SDK for Kotlin! A checksum is a unique fingerprint calculated from a set of data that can be used to check whether the data has been altered or corrupted during transfers. Configuring a checksum is a valuable precaution to help maintain the […]

Announcing new AWS SDK for Kotlin alpha release

We’re excited to announce the alpha release of the new AWS SDK for Kotlin! Kotlin is one of the most-loved languages amongst developers and now the AWS SDK for Kotlin makes it easy to call AWS services using idiomatic Kotlin APIs. You can use the native Kotlin language constructs you are used to, have mobile support […]