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Release: AWS SDK for PHP 2.4.2

We would like to announce the release of version 2.4.2 of the AWS SDK for PHP. This release adds support for custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and Chef 11 to the AWS OpsWorks client, adds the latest snapshot permission features to the Amazon Redshift client, and updates the Amazon EC2 and AWS Security Token Service […]

Amazon S3 PHP Stream Wrapper

As of the 2.3.0 release, the AWS SDK for PHP now provides an official Amazon S3 PHP stream wrapper. The stream wrapper allows you to treat Amazon S3 like a filesystem using functions like fopen(), file_get_contents(), and filesize() through a custom stream wrapper protocol. The Amazon S3 stream wrapper opens up some interesting possibilities that […]

Uploading Archives to Amazon Glacier from PHP

You can easily upload your data archives to Amazon Glacier by using the Glacier client included in the AWS SDK for PHP. Similar to the Amazon S3 service, Amazon Glacier has an API for both single and multipart uploads. You can upload archives of up to 40,000 GB through the multipart operations. With the UploadArchive […]

Release: AWS SDK for PHP 2.4.1

We would like to announce the release of version 2.4.1 of the AWS SDK for PHP. This release adds support for setting watermark and max frame rate parameters in the Amazon Elastic Transcoder client and resolves issues with the Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EMR, and Amazon RDS clients. Changelog […]

AWS Service Provider for Laravel 1.0.4

We would like to announce the availability of version 1.0.4 of the AWS Service Provider for Laravel. This version includes the AwsLaravelAwsFacade class which allows you to register an AWS facade in your Laravel 4 project, so you can retrieve clients in an easy and idiomatic way (e.g., $s3 = AWS::get(‘s3’);). We would also like […]

Syncing Data with Amazon S3

Warning: this blog post provides instructions for AWS SDK for PHP V2, if you are looking for AWS SDK for PHP V3 instructions, please see our SDK guide. Have you ever needed to upload an entire directory of files to Amazon S3 or download an Amazon S3 bucket to a local directory? With a recent release […]

Static Service Client Facades

Version 2.4 of the AWS SDK for PHP adds the ability to enable and use static client facades. These “facades” provide an easy, static interface to service clients available in the service builder. For example, when working with a normal client instance, you might have code that looks like the following: // Get the configured […]

Transferring Files To and From Amazon S3

A common question that I’ve seen on our PHP forums is whether there is an easy way to directly upload from or download to a local file using the Amazon S3 client in the AWS SDK for PHP. The typical usage of the PutObject operation in the PHP SDK looks like the following: use AwsCommonAws; […]

New Blog for the AWS SDK for PHP

Hello fellow PHP developers! Welcome to our new blog for the AWS SDK for PHP. I’m Jeremy Lindblom, and I work with Michael Dowling on the AWS SDK for PHP here at Amazon Web Services. We will be working together on this blog to bring you articles and tips about the PHP SDK and post […]