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Creating Smithy Projects with Smithy Init

The Smithy team is excited to announce the release of the init command in Smithy CLI. This command enables developers to create new Smithy projects quickly and easily. Before the Smithy init command was introduced, developers had to carefully follow along with a developer guide or blog post to setup their Smithy projects. This involves […]

Introducing Smithy for Python

Introducing Smithy for Python

AWS is excited to announce a preview of Smithy client generation for Python. This tooling will enable developers to generate clients in type-hinted Python in the same model-driven manner that AWS has used to develop its services for more than a decade. Writing and maintaining hand-written clients for a web service is both time-consuming and […]

Introducing The Smithy CLI

Introducing the Smithy CLI

The Smithy team is excited to announce the official release of the Smithy CLI. Smithy is an open-source Interface Definition Language (IDL) for web services created by AWS. AWS uses Smithy to model services, generate server scaffolding and rich clients in multiple languages, and generate the AWS SDKs. Smithy enables large-scale collaboration on APIs through its […]

Introducing Smithy IDL 2.0

The AWS Smithy team is happy to announce the 2.0 release of the Smithy Interface Definition Language (IDL). This release focuses on improving the developer experience of authoring Smithy models and using code generated from Smithy models. It contains numerous new features, such as reduced nulls and optional types in generated code, custom default values, […]

Client Updates in the Preview Version of the AWS SDK for Go V2

As of January 19th, 2021, the AWS SDK for Go, version 2 (v2) is generally available. The AWS SDK for Go V2 developer preview was introduced in December 2017 based on customer feedback provided by you, and we focused on improving its ease of use, performance, consistency, and discoverability. We’re happy to share the updated […]