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Introducing new features for the aws-sdk-rails gem

The Ruby SDK team is happy to announce that we’ve added new features and consolidated existing gems into the aws-sdk-rails gem to make developing Rails applications using AWS easier than ever. Features supported Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue adapter for ActiveJob (new) ActiveSupport::Notification instrumentation (new) DynamoDB ActiveDispatch::Session implementation (new) Include Aws::Record with Rails migration tasks and […]

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Maintenance Mode and End of Support Dates Announced for AWS SDK For Ruby V2

We are announcing that version 2 of the AWS SDK For Ruby will enter maintenance mode on 11/20/2020. Support for version 2 will end on 11/21/2021. During maintenance mode we will continue to fix bugs and patch security issues until support for version 2 ends, at which point no further updates to version 2 will […]

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