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Join us for a CloudFormation Office Hours Hangout

We’re hosting CloudFormation Office Hours next week at 9:00a.m. PST on Thursday, January 30th and you’re invited!

Sign up or learn more at 

We’ll be joined by a CloudFormation software engineer to learn about authenticated file downloads in cfn-init. We’ll also look at top forum items, and – of course – answer your questions, live!

Previous Sessions

Last month we hosted our first CloudFormation Hangout to summarize the new features that CloudFormation saw in 2013 and to give you a chance to ask questions. We held another Hangout last week where we discussed Mustache support in CloudFormation, reviewed a few top forum posts, and again took your questions. If you missed either of those sessions, all of the content – including agenda, samples, templates, and a recording of the session – are available on GitHub

Help Build the Agenda

You can see the agenda for next week’s session on GitHub at We’d also to love to hear what items you’d like to see on the agenda! Send us an e-mail (evbrown (at), or even better, make your changes to the agenda on GitHub and send us a Pull Request! Do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the repo:
  2. Click ‘Fork’. This copies the repo into your account
  3. Open the in the folder for the upcoming session (i.e., 20140130_cfn/)
  4. Click ‘Edit’, make your changes right in the browser (!) to the Community Agenda Suggestions section, and click ‘Commit Changes’
  5. Click ‘Pull Requests’ in the right sidebar, then click ‘New pull request’

We’re excited to have you help inform the things we talk about during Office Hours!