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AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET AI-Powered Recommendations

Introduction When we launched AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET, the goal was to give customers an easy-to-use tool to extract microservices from their monolithic applications. To achieve this goal, we have created multiple ways for you to locate candidate code for microservices to extract. In this post, we are going to talk about the latest […]

Find Your Pathway to .NET Modernization on AWS

AWS has supported .NET workloads since 2008. Over the years, .NET has changed from a less flexible, Windows-only framework to a modular, cross-platform runtime. Today, you can run legacy .NET Framework applications on Windows, as well as modern .NET applications on Linux, all fully supported on AWS. Although legacy .NET Framework applications will run on […]

Building an Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB – Part 2: Creating the Skill to Query Data

This is Part 2 in a series on creating an Amazon Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB. Please look at Part 1: Creating Data for the Skill to see the prerequisites on setting up the data source for our skill. In this part, the Alexa Skill we will build will return information about […]

Building an Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB – Part 1: Creating Data for the Skill

This blog series will walk you through the process of creating an Amazon Alexa skill that queries data from an Amazon DynamoDB table. Part 1 focuses on creating the data source that the skill will query and part 2 focuses on creating the AWS Lambda function to query the data and creating the skill. In […]

Get started with .NET development on AWS

This post explains 3 important areas to set up in order to begin your journey with .NET development on AWS. First, create an AWS account and configure a developer user with an appropriate level of access. Second, install and configure command line tools. Lastly, download and configure the toolkit for your IDE. Many of the […]