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Implement fine-grained authorization in your .NET API using Amazon Cognito Custom Scopes

APIs are the building blocks of modern software, and protecting them is more crucial than ever. As your application gets more complex and interconnected, ensuring that only authorized users can access specific resources becomes important. Amazon Cognito is an identity platform for web and mobile applications. It’s a user directory, an authentication server, and an […]

Bob’s Used Books: A .NET Sample Application – Part 2: Architecture

Introduction Welcome to the second post in the Bob’s Used Books blog post series. In the first post I discussed how to get started with Bob’s Used Books and described the different debug and deployment modes you can use to test and run the application. In this post I will dive into the architecture of […]

Bob’s Used Books: A .NET Sample Application – Part 1: Getting Started

Introduction The best sample applications are simple to understand, but have enough complexity to demonstrate real-world usage. Our new open-source .NET sample application, Bob’s Used Books, provides the .NET community with a simple but real-world .NET application that leverages multiple AWS frameworks and services. Bob’s Used Books is a simple eCommerce application that sells fictional […]